Architecture and Design Studio (ADS) is a multi-disciplinary architecture consulting and design studio based in Beirut.

ADS was founded in 2004 by senior architects Amal Deek Sassine and Diana Aoun as a collaborative and entrepreneurial partnership. Amal Sassine became the sole owner since 2008.

Since its launch, ADS has undergone strong growth, earning commissions that span a wide geography from Lebanon to across the Middle East and North Africa. ADS services span architecture, interior design, real estate development and renovation, working on residential and commercial projects across the private and public sectors. ADS has proven its capabilities in designing residential projects, such as buildings and villas, as well as commercial ones, such as banks, corporate premises, leisure centers and restaurants.

ADS has specifically gained recognition and earned the trust of its clients for its high standards of professionalism and unique approach to design. We believe in tailoring our services to suit the needs of the client, offering solutions that cater to a range of budgets while maintaining our core values of creativity and quality.

ADS philosophy is rooted in the belief that architecture should create a sense of harmony with its surroundings, while demonstrating a respect for humanity and fulfilling the needs of modern life.
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